The olive oil

Alma Envero is a 100% pure extra virgin olive oil grown, harvested and processed by traditional and environment respectful means. The scent of this pure olive juice will get you savouring its excellent organoleptic qualities at the very first sigh.

We do not use chemical fertiliser, herbicide, or any other product that endangers the environment or your health. Before 24 hours after the harvest we do a cold extraction (20°C) of the olive juice which brings intact into the product the exceptional properties of the picual variety.

Heroic star, safety keys, war dog, firmness tree, coat of arms. Castle house of the realm, fortress arm, dove of peace and hope, herald. Generosity tower, travelled albatross, standard of the courage in the battle. Gearwheel, crowns. Symbols of development, virtue and justice. Farm tools as furnace shovels over the castle are the symbol of the family defence. Noblemen, knights to whom the King gave high-ranking positions.

Familiar Tradition

Our oil is the result of a tenacious tradition that goes back to four generations of the family.

The last generation in command embodies this heritage of integrity and commitment with the realm. The environmental harmony as an asset to be handed out to the next generations.  The thrill to imprint our own character as we continue a tradition carved into olive oil. Alma Envero is born from our deep love for the terrain and the will of producing the best possible virgin extra olive oil that our groves can offer.

Chateau El Chopillo

The chateau is placed in the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean region, the northeast of Murcia near to Sierra del Buho and Cenajo dam. A privileged spot, immersed in the Mediterranean climate and protected against the winds that keeps a constant humidity in the soil and avoids hydric stress.

The traditional labours contribute to the sustainability of this magic microclimate where centennial olive trees keep rapturing our soul and senses generation after generation.